Off Season at the Farm

This is the time of year we are not open to the public. We work behind the scenes maintaining equipment, planning, and preparing for our various upcoming seasons.

What goes on behind the scenes?
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • During the cold Winter Strawberries are covered from a woven, breathable material throughout the winter. It lets in the sunlight and the rain and keeps the berries warm.
  • Irrigation is set up and monitored.
    “When you use sprinklers to prevent freezing injury, you are using the energy that water releases when it freezes, and changes from a liquid to a solid, to keep the temperature in the ice right at the freezing point – 32 degrees F. As long as you keep the ice wet, the ice temperature will stay at 32 degrees F. If the ice dries out and water starts to evaporate from the ice, the ice will get colder than the air temperature as it evaporates.” Michigan State University Extension 
  • When the winter has warm days, the berries are uncovered during the day and covered back up at night.
  • Be patient: We will post on Facebook once we know when the season will start. Berries need warm temperatures and sunshine to blossom and ripen. It has to stay over 50 degrees for a berry to grow.
  • When Strawberry season gets closer, we put the big tent up in preparation.
  • Early Spring we push to find those interested in working at the farm.
Things you can do to prepare for the upcoming season:
  • Start looking now for sure gel and lids to make your jelly and jam.
  • Start collecting your buckets or boxes to take your berries home in.

The Facebook feed (below) is our current seasonal information. Please view strawberry, blueberry, pumpkin, sunflower, and off-season to view the dates for each season.

Stacy Family Farm

12 hours 52 minutes ago

We'll be at River City Farmers Market tomorrow from 9am-1pm with asparagus! Make sure to get there early incase we sell out. Beautiful early crop

Stacy Family Farm

1 day 12 hours ago

Look what enjoyed the warm weather we finally are getting! We will be selling asparagus Friday(4/19) at the Reno farm 3pm-6pm! Asparagus will be $4/bundle.